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Working With Pickleball players in the Greater Ottawa – Gatineau Region 

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Welcome Ottawa Gatineau
Pickleball Enthusiasts!  is a website I developed in support of other pickleball enthusiasts like me. It provides resources about  Ottawa Pickleball news lessons, equipment, how to get started and where to play pickleball in the National Capital region including Gatineau and Eastern Ontario.

I’m an IPTPA Level 2 Certified Teaching Professional living in Ottawa, ON, where I play pickleball and teach anyone I come in contact with about the game. I am also a local Ambassador and Learning Facilitator with Pickleball Ontario. My goal for this website is to provide local players with the resources and information they need to enjoy the game of pickleball.

Your comments and questions are always welcome

Luc Germain

Core Pickleball Gift Certificates

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Redeemable for Core Pickleball Lessons, Paddles and Accessories.

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Choosing a paddle does not have to be a daunting task.

Great Quality Paddles at Lower Prices.

 All the pickleball paddles on this site have been selected according to their value for money. Our paddles will stand the test of time and will not drain your wallet.

We also have Outdoor Balls for the summer!

Manta World Sport

Ottawa Core Pickleball And Manta Sport
Manta Sport

Superior Quality Paddles at Lower Prices.

A Canadian based pickleball manufacturer that distributes pickleball paddles worldwide. All their paddles are USAPA and PCO approved for sanctioned events and tournaments.

Try it to believe it

Made in Canada
Manta Ray
Manta Ray
Extreme Point 5
Extreme Point 5 Lite
Canuck Pro
Canuck Pro
Idink Manta Bag
iDink Pidkleball Bag
Portable Net
Portable Net System
Just ask

Paddle DEMO Activity

Invite us to your club or wherever you play for a fun Picklebll Paddle DEMO session with your friends.

This is a great opportunity to try our paddles hands-on and receive paddle selection advice from a friendly expert.

You might even get some free tips on your game from the Coach while we're at it!

Know The Rules

As in any sport, being familiar with the rules of pickleball  increases your enjoyment of  the Game.

You can’t argue a call if you don’t know the rules.

The  International Federation of Pickleball (IFP) rule book is an easy read. Keep it handy so you can quickly refer to it when a question arises.

Click on the rule book cover to download the IFP Rule book from the USAPA website.

IFP Rule Book

Click to Download