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A guide for the new players

Let's Get Started with Pickleball

Welcome to pickleball.

You’ve probably heard of pickleball on multiple occasions by now. You may have heard it from a friend who’s completely addicted, or maybe a co-worker has been trying to convince you to come out to the courts.

Regardless of where you’ve heard of pickleball, we’re going to help you understand what pickleball is and answer some common questions about getting started playing in the Ottawa Gatineau region.

Compared to many other sports, pickleball isn’t expensive to play and it’s also fairly easy to learn.

I don’t know how many times I have heard of people wanting to try pickleball, but were in need of guidance to get started. In the next few paragraphs, I will guide you to many resources to get you going.

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What you will need to get going

  • A paddle,
    • If you are taking lessons it is most likely that the instructor will have paddles to try free of charge.
  • Good court shoes,
  • A place to play,
  • Basic knowledge of the rules of the game,
  • Although not mandatory in most locations, I strongly recommend a good pair of sport Protective Eyewear. I always wear mine.

Find Someone to Guide you

If you have friends who are into pickleball, it is likely that they will want to help you get going. While pickleball is fairly easy to learn, it is easier when a friend or family member is there to show you the ropes. You might even be able to borrow one of their extra paddles. If not, most instructors have demo paddles they can lend you help you get going. Ask me about my Demo Program.

Ask any experienced players and they  will encourage you to take lessons to at least learn the fundamentals of the game before you get on the courts. 

If you don’t know someone that plays pickleball, it’s not a big deal.  I can help you find a location that is beginner friendly. Send me a note…

Learning Pickleball Is not So Hard

It just takes time. Most people learn the basics of pickleball by playing with friends or taking lessons The key is just to have fun. Take people’s advice while you play and you’ll get used to it. Just try to enjoy yourself and focus on the fun aspects of pickleball.

When you go to the courts to play pickleball, make sure you bring some water. It’s important to stay hydrated while playing pickleball. You may think pickleball is an easy game, but you will quickly realize that it is actually a sport and it is harder on the body then it looks.

Do your homework

Reading, watching videos, taking lessons are great way to learn the basics of the game.

There are a great amount of Pickleball videos posted on YouTubeA lot of Professional pickleball Instructors post instructional videos.  Find someone who interests you and follow them. The one caveat would be to avoid trying to learn advanced techniques/shots until you have a firm grip on the basics.  

Find below a few links I chose to get you started:

Play At Your Level

  • Meet people like you who are just getting started.
  • On this site we keep information on locations to play pickleball in the Ottawa Gatineau region.  They include Pickleball drop-in locations offered by the City of Ottawa and outdoor pickleball courts.
  • Find location near you that offers Open Play.
  • Find a location that is beginner friendly. 
  • Think about joining a Club or an Organisation that offers instruction to beginner.
  • Contact us for information. There is not much we don’t know about pickleball in the Ottawa region and we can guide you in the right direction.

I hope this guide has helped you get more comfortable with pickleball.

When starting out in pickleball, just try to have fun and enjoy yourself. Some preparation will go a long way, then all of the minute details will reveal themselves over time and you’ll be able to tackle them one-by-one.

Have you recently gotten started in pickleball? Let me know your experience has been!

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