Manta Cobra Pickleball Paddle

Manta Cobra Pickleball Paddle
Manta Cobra Pickleball Paddle

Same great Cobra Pickleball Paddle…Updated Look!!! 

SKIN – Fiberglass
CORE – 1/2″ Polymer Honeycomb
WEIGHT RANGE – 7.3 oz to 8.0 oz
WIDTH – 6 7/8″
LENGTH – 16 3/4″
GRIP SIZE – 4 1/4″

SUGGESTED PLAYER TYPE: Intermediate to Advanced

Great for Singles play!

This paddle is constructed of Fiberglass/Composite skin with a Polymer Honeycomb 1/2″ core. This paddle traditionally gives great control and maximum power due to its long, narrow surface. The Cobra 2G is our first elongated, half inch paddle and comes with a 5” full length handle. It weighs in between 7.3 oz and 8.0 oz

The “Cobra 2G” is listed on the USAPA website under the RULES tab: “IFP Paddle Specifications” – Table of Paddles Test Results as Cobra (09-12-17) 


100% Made in Canada 

Manta Sport  🇨🇦 A PROUDLY Canadian Company 🇨🇦

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