Manta Nexus Pickleball Paddle

Manta Nexus Pickleball Paddle
Manta Nexus Pickleball Paddle

SKIN – Graphite
CORE – 1/2″ Polymer Honeycomb
AVG. WEIGHT RANGE – 7.6oz – 7.9oz
WIDTH – 8″
LENGTH – 15 5/8″”
GRIP SIZE – 4 1/4″

The all new Manta Nexus 2G pickleball paddle is the ultimate blend of power and control. The Polycore Honeycomb core provides control for the soft game, while the Graphite Skin offers the perfect amount of power and pop to maximize hard shots. We have also redesigned our edge guard to be more durable and is powered by Poly-Chlor edge guard technology, proudly manufactured in Canada,  just like all our 2G pickleball paddle models!

SUGGESTED PLAYER TYPE: Intermediate to Advanced.

Great for both indoor and outdoor play.

The “NEXUS 2G” is listed on the USAPA Approved Paddles List.

Made in Canada.

Manta Sport  🇨🇦 A PROUDLY Canadian Company 🇨🇦

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