Pickleball Ontario Recommendations For Return To Play

Pickleball Ontario Recommendations For Return To Play
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Everyone is as anxious as we are to get back out on the courts. 

Bottom line, if you don’t feel comfortable with the situation or environment, walk away and don’t play. Always follow the guidelines established by your local municipality and/or club.

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As you return to play, please check with your local municipality or recreational department to see what their regulations are  for their facilities.

The Ontario government mandates and Pickleball Ontario supports the following:

  • Maximium of 5 people
  • Play singles not doubles
  • Practice physical distance (2 metres)
  • Use your own ball (do not share equipment)
  • Practice appropriate health practices (hand washing etc)

We have put together a set of recommendations for reducing your risks on the court which you can find here. 

Pickleball Canada has also created some recommendations and tips (link) (and on Pickleball Canada Home page, under the Home tag).

In addition, there is a video discussing COVID-19 and pickleball by an epidemiologist (video link).

Stay healthy.
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