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Places to play Pickleball

Pickleball in the Capital Region

The city of Ottawa offers outdoor pickleball in various locations throughout the city. Find one near you on the map.

Or click here for a list of locations to play pickleball outdoor in Ottawa. 

The City of Ottawa

The city of Ottawa offers drop-in pickleball at very low cost in various locations throughout the city. You can enlarge the map on the right to find a location near you. 

Or click here for a list and description of the Centres that offer Drop-in pickleball

The information on this page is  by no means complete or exhaustive. You are looking at a living document in constant need of being updated. 

If you think something should be added, removed or you know of places to play that are not on this page or if you noticed any errors or omissions, etc.., please let me know.

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